Female Infertility Treatment – East versus West

How’s this for a shocker: in the USA alone couples spend $2 billion a year on fertility products … yet more than half fail to conceive!!

Does that suggest to you that Western fertility treatment is effective, successful or cost-effective…?

Let’s make a comparison of how the Western world treats infertility to Eastern practices.

An Overview

Both men and women can suffer from infertility so it’s important for both of you to undergo tests and possibly treatment to resolve the issue.

What you may not know is the different approaches to infertility between East and West. This article will look at typical Western solutions to infertility compared to the Eastern concept of treating infertility holistically.

But let’s first head east …

Eastern Fertility Treatment

In diagnosing any health issue Eastern medicine considers each person’s environment, lifestyle and cause and effect. This holistic approach considers the impact of a malfunctioning component in your body on your whole system.

Eastern medicine strives to achieve complete balance and harmony for a person. This is particularly important when trying to get pregnant because if one small thing is out of tune it can totally sabotage your chances of conceiving.

For both women and men most infertility problems result from an imbalance or blockage in their bodily systems. Quite often the problem is traced to the endocrine system which causes an alteration in the way the body produces hormones.

Eastern medicine interprets this as a blockage of the natural flow of energy (which they call “Qi”) in the body. This can result in infertility as a symptom of a larger problem within the body’s environment.

Now the Qi is influenced by negative and positive energy you may have heard of – the Yin and the Yang. They flow through our bodies like electricity and if they are out of balance and harmony, health problems can result.

For example, a common imbalance in the body that can provoke infertility is estrogen dominance. Some of the types of infertility problems that are caused by estrogen dominance include PCOS, endometriosis, cysts, fibroids, early menopause and miscarriage.

Eastern medicine often prescribes natural remedies, diet and even lifestyle regimes for a whole range of symptoms to gently coax the body back into good health and harmony. This contrasts to Western medicine which tends to treat a single symptom with powerful pharmaceuticals or even invasive surgery.

To learn more The Pregnancy Miracle Guide covers Eastern Medicine and its fertility treatments in great detail.

Western Fertility Treatment

As already mentioned in the USA alone couples spend $2 billion a year on fertility products … yet more than half fail to conceive.

Not only are Western fertility drugs and medical interventions expensive and not always effective … quite often they aren’t very good for our bodies, or for the child we are trying to conceive.

Now there’s a great deal more I could tell you about specific treatments both Eastern and Western Medicine offer couples experiencing infertility, but that merits another article.

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