Fertility Foods For Women: What You SHOULD Drink

Shocked by recent revelations about the types of food and drink that could be killing your chances of getting pregnant?

Well … let me cheer you up in this article and focus on healthy fertility foods for women. First, let’s talk about the Fertility Drinks that can AID fertility.

The Good News on Healthy Fertility Drinks

Possibly the most important thing to consume is pure, simple, filtered water. Try to get into the habit of drinking at least eight cups of water a day. Not only will it increase your fertility levels, it can have huge all-round health benefits.

Check out this article – Water For Fertility – to learn more on the importance of water in your daily diet to aid your fertility.

Don’t fancy drinking just water all day …? Women who drink at least two cups of herbal tea, such as green tea and orange pekoe tea (without caffeine), can DOUBLE their odds of conceiving. That’s because tea contains a high level of antioxidants which contribute to a healthy immune system.

To summarize the ‘dos and don’ts’ of what best to drink to aid your fertility:

  • Cut out caffeine. This includes coffee, chocolate, cocoa, black tea and soda
  • Cut out alcohol
  • Don’t put ice in ANY drink – alcohol or non-alcohol
  • Drink a minimum eight glasses of filtered water a day

Phew! Thirsty work this … time for a nice glass of room temperature water!

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