Tips on Getting Pregnant – Fast! (Part 1)

Now I’m sure this is not a case of teaching my grandmother to suck eggs. You don’t need my advice on the most intimate of acts between a woman and a man.

This article will consider how best to increase the woman’s odds of getting pregnant. Also check out the Tips on Getting Pregnant – Fast! (Part 2) article which considers what the man and a couple together can do to improve their chances of conceiving.

So … let’s get started.

It’s Not Only About Love and Romance

First love … old love … enduring love. Whatever stage you are in your relationship, it is a very rare couple who ever consider the possibility that they cannot conceive a baby before they actually encounter problems.

And for the vast majority of us that is true. Unfortunately, 15-20% of the general population can and do experience the pain and frustration of not being able to have a child at will.

Of course, love and romance play their part in the decision to have a child. Knowingly or not we choose our partners for the child-bearing qualities the woman offers, or for the man’s healthy genes and ability to provide and protect a potential offspring of the union.

In the modern age of easy contraception, most newlywed couples almost immediately take adequate protection against having a baby. Individual circumstances may differ, but eventually a desire grows to conceive their own child.

Natural Instincts

You can’t buck the trend of biology. Motherhood is a natural instinct in women. Yes – there are exceptions. But the overwhelming majority of women want to become a mother to give her a sense of fulfillment.

Given that we have the means to control when we can give birth much more than the womenfolk of the past … and given that we are very well aware of the lifetime cost of bringing a child into this world the craving for a baby still remains high.

It’s not so much a case of: “we can’t afford a child…”

The biological urge of a woman is so strong that it’s maybe more a case of:

“I can’t afford NOT to have a child…”

… because a woman feels incomplete without starting a family.

The Way To A Healthy Pregnancy – Know Your Body!

Having taken the decision to have a child it is essential you get pregnant in a proper, healthy manner. Your own welfare and healthiness and that of the child you are trying to create are at stake.

Your ovulation period is the ideal time for you to conceive a baby. It should go without saying that you should be aware of your time of ovulation. There are several ways to find out what your personal time of ovulating is. Key to this is …

Knowing When To Make Love

The Best Time For Her …

For a woman it is critical to know the days you are ovulating. You need to calculate your ‘Post Ovulation Time’, also known as the Luteal Phase. This is the time between ovulating and your first day of the menstrual cycle. For most women this is around 14 days.

Having identified this you can now estimate the date of your next period. Not all women are the same, of course. Some have longer cycles, others have shorter cycles. But by counting back approximately twelve to sixteen days from the first day of your menstrual cycle you can identify the likely days of your ovulation. For example, women who have a ‘normal’ cycle of twenty eight days ovulate on the fourteenth day.

Record Your Basal Body Temperature

An alternative to finding out the period of ovulation uses the Basal Body Temperature (BBT) method. The temperature of the vagina is recorded by a custom-made BBT thermometer. This should be taken every day in the morning.

During the period of ovulation your BBT can rise significantly. Keep records of your readings and use them to your advantage in the ‘Getting Pregnant’ game. You increase your chances of conceiving if you have sexual intercourse at these times.

In simple terms the egg starts developing from the end of the menstrual cycle. Between the 8th to 12th days it is at its maximum. The odds of getting pregnant are best if you have intercourse on the 8th, the 10th and the 12th day.

You need to take advantage of this very narrow ‘fertility opportunity’ as many gynecologists believe that the life span of the egg ranges from just 12 to 24 hours. Others believe it can be as low as just 15 to 16 hours.

Follow some or all of these tips on getting pregnant fast and you could soon be experiencing the joy of pregnancy.

Live Your Dream!

Imagine …

You and your partner getting confirmation of a positive pregnancy test …

Picture the joy and elation of sharing the news about your pregnancy with your family and friends …

Planning all the wonderful and exciting things that life with a baby brings …

Anticipate the pleasures and reward of motherhood. Not someone else … YOU!

Don’t let tomorrow be another today. You are one small step away from the path that could lead you to hearing the pitter-patter of your own beautiful child’s steps running through your house.

Take that step to give yourself the chance of untold happiness.

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