Signs of Infertility in Women

The earlier you identify the Signs of Infertility, the sooner you can take positive action to correct the problem. Listed here are some signals that can be your early warning system to a possible infertility problem.

Sadly, many women do not know how to identify the signs of infertility and only discover they have a fertility problem when they first start seriously trying for a baby.

For some it may be too late to retrieve the situation. Because the earlier you identify the signs of infertility, the quicker you can do something about it to ensure you can get pregnant and give birth to the child you so desire. Any delay could have serious consequences on your chances of ever having children.

So what are the Signs of Infertility in Women you need to be alert to? First, there is one very important point to remember …

You Are Not Alone!

So … you and your partner have been trying to get that baby you so desperately want. But you haven’t hit a home run yet, despite all your best efforts to conceive.

First things first: you are not alone!

Did you know that as many as one in eight American couples has trouble getting pregnant?  Pretty high, huh…?

But don’t despair. Just because you seemingly can’t conceive now does not mean you will never conceive ever!

That said, the sooner you can identify that you do have fertility issues, the quicker you can remedy it and achieve that much desired pregnancy.

Easy-to-spot Signs of Infertility

So …  what are the tell-tale signs as to why you can’t get pregnant?

Do any of these sound familiar and describe you?

  • Missing periods …?
  • Experiencing unexpected hair growth …?
  • Noticing problems with your skin …?
  • Putting on tummy fat …?
  • Suffering from pelvic pain …?
  • Experiencing prolonged vaginal bleeding …?

These are all early warning signs of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – a primary cause of female infertility.

Now maybe you’ve already consulted with a doctor about the symptoms that trouble you. You may even have visited beauty salons or spas to treat your weight, skin and hair condition. And it is very, very likely that your doctor or the salon consultant has addressed your symptom without considering PCOS at all.

PCOS Awareness

Sadly, awareness of PCOS among sufferers and physicians is extremely low.

And that is part of the problem. Unless YOU are PCOS aware, how can you recognize and interpret the signs of PCOS when they occur? How can you insist to your doctor or beauty consultant your symptoms may be PCOS-related if YOU are not aware of the possibility?

The overwhelming majority of women who recognize something is wrong and are alert to the first signs of PCOS don’t link the early warning signals to PCOS. Why? Because they are not familiar with PCOS and its symptoms.

Similarly, medics and salon consultants do the same. It doesn’t enter their heads to recognize your symptoms as a sign you have PCOS.

PCOS Misdiagnosed

Due to this poor PCOS awareness your PCOS can be misdiagnosed and you end up receiving the wrong treatment.

Doctors with limited knowledge of PCOS do not consider it as a cause for your health problems. They don’t test for it and instead will only focus on the part of the problem they are knowledgeable about or specialize in.

It is a sad fact that women displaying several symptoms of PCOS often see several different doctors in an attempt to resolve each issue before PCOS is finally correctly diagnosed and treated.

Signs of PCOS – Get Serious!

The good news is PCOS symptoms tend to start gradually. The earlier you get diagnosed and confirmed as a PCOS sufferer, the quicker corrective treatment can start.

Be very serious about this! Getting on top of your PCOS problem early can protect or salvage your fertility, giving you the chance to get pregnant. It also helps prevent other serious health problems as diabetes and heart disease.

Remember, if you are displaying ANY of the symptoms listed, visit a doctor and INSIST that they consider PCOS as a possible cause.

So … to wrap up …

Good Health!

You may be tempted to celebrate reading this article by toasting your health. But take care! Drinking too much alcohol can make you infertile. Ideally, to maintain your fertility, alcohol-consumption should be eliminated totally. Read more tips on good – and bad! – fertility foods in the Fertility and Diet articles archives.