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Hi – my name is Jade Wood, the proud, gushing mother of Ruby – my miracle baby who came into this world thanks to some essential ‘Increase Fertility Tips’ that I used to completely turn my life around. Learn how here: The 5-step Plan To Getting Pregnant

Forgive me for repeating it, but… “I am a mother with a beautiful baby daughter”.

Now until very recently, I wasn’t able to say that. And after many years of trying, but always failing to get pregnant, I was beginning to resign myself to what seemed the inevitable:

  • I couldn’t conceive
  • I was infertile
  • I was destined never to get pregnant
  • I could never experience the joys of motherhood
  • … and the biological clock was tick-tocking away to ensure that soon, I would NEVER be a mother

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me give you some background info first.

Ed and I have been married for more than 10 years. We met and married in our mid-20s and both agreed to work and build a comfortable home and life before starting a family. This we did – happily.

Time for a baby

Then in my early to mid-30s, we decided to go for it – let’s have kids!

Simple, right? WRONG!

I mean … we tried. We REALLY tried! But it just wasn’t happening for us. I couldn’t get pregnant. And worse, it was putting a strain on the relationship between Ed and myself.

Don’t get me wrong. Deep, deep down we truly loved each other, but it is sadly human nature to start thinking:

… is it me who can’t conceive …?

… is it him who is infertile …?

… should we have tried for a family earlier …?

Disappointments and frustrations

Naturally, after 2-3 years of trying and still not getting pregnant, we started researching and exploring just how we could increase our fertility … whether indeed it was a fertility problem.

Now of course I discussed it with close friends and family – many of them happy mothers – as fertile as rabbits! – with multiple kids themselves. And of course I got a lot of sympathy and a lot of advice … some of it, quite frankly, really quite wacky! Nothing worked.

I turned to the doctors. And maybe I just got unlucky, but … gee! Some of them really need to work on their bedside manner and people skills!  I was given stark advice, such as:

“… you’re too old! Consider adoption …”

“… you have a low egg count … your chances of conceiving are virtually nil …”

“… you’re not a good candidate for successful IVF or IUI treatment …”

“… you have PCO syndrome … poor ovulation, poor chance of pregnancy …”

“ … hmm … I can’t find any reason why you and your husband can’t conceive … just chill out and don’t get so stressed about it and it will happen … “

My head was in a spin … my heart was close to breaking … and my marriage was under enormous strain at the growing realization, that due to infertility issues:

  • I would never be a mother
  • I would never hold my own baby in my arms
  • I would never experience the joys of feeding and caring for my own child

A miracle!

But then … a miracle! Just when I was soooooo close to accepting “pregnancy ain’t gonna happen for me”, a savior entered my life … Lisa Olson and her guide, ‘Pregnancy Miracle’ – The 5-step Plan To Getting Pregnant.

Now I honestly don’t remember how I first heard about Lisa Olson and ‘Pregnancy Miracle, but … I’m so glad I did! Just look again at the photo of Ruby and I again as to why!

(A quick side note … Ruby’s name was chosen by her father, Ed because “ … Jade and Ruby … you are my treasures … my most precious gems …” Ahhh! Ain’t he a sweetie …?)

Needless to say, with the arrival of Ruby in our lives, the stress and strain that existed in our relationship because of our infertility issues simply evaporated.

These days we no longer worry about how to:

… increase fertility

… conceive

… get pregnant…

Now, it’s all about how to care and raise a beautiful, beautiful daughter.

I am assuming if you found this website it’s because you are like me (and Ed!) – a woman (or a guy!) experiencing problems getting pregnant, looking for ways to increase your fertility.

Well … you’ve heard my story, the solution I found and the joy it has brought to my life.

Maybe your own story echoes my own …

Maybe you too are close to despair in trying to conceive a child and overcoming fertility problems …

But maybe – just maybe – like me, you too can achieve your Pregnancy Miracle.

That’s why I set up this site. To help other women who, like me, are having trouble getting pregnant or who have faced the despair of being told “you can never have children…”

If you want some genuinely helpful and practical advice from somebody who has “been there, done that, got the tee-shirt” (and the baby!), please sign up to my FREE, must-have 30-part ‘Increase Fertility Tips’ course, packed with useful information that may soon have your womb swelling with a growing baby.

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Also look out for my weekly e-letter in which I share more ‘Increase Fertility Tips’ with you.

Here’s to what I hope will prove to be a long – and fruitful! – relationship.

Please DO get in touch if you have any questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

My very fondest wishes to you.


PS: Check out the life-changing – life-giving! – book, the EXCELLENT ‘Pregnancy Miracle’ by Lisa Olson … The 5-step Plan To Getting Pregnant