Natural Fertility Treatment

Are you ready to be innovative and imaginative in your quest to get pregnant? Then this article on Natural Fertility Treatment is essential reading for you.

This article builds on the article Female Infertility Treatment: East Versus West which looks at how Eastern medicine treats infertility compared to Western methods.

Natural and Alternative Solutions

More and more couples are exploring less invasive and chemically induced ‘cures’ and looking at natural fertility treatment and alternative solutions that offer a holistic approach in curing infertility. The growth in popularity of these alternative techniques is because natural fertility treatment has fewer or no side effects at all to the conventional solutions.

Let’s consider some of them.


Yep! I’m sure you’ve all seen or heard something about the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture – having needles stuck into your body along ‘meridian’ lines at various acupoints.

In recent years acupuncture has proven very effective in cases where female infertility has been caused by some kind of malfunction of the ovary.

Acupuncture can help regulate hormones, increase blood flow, alleviate pain and strengthen the body’s immune system.

It can also help in the maturation of the eggs, restore the body’s natural balance and aid in conception by regulating a woman’s cycle and assist in ovulation. For men, acupuncture can stimulate sperm production.

Acupuncture is not a ‘wacky’ alternative to conventional medicine. The American Pregnancy Association lists it (as well as chiropractic care and the use of herbal medicines) as a legitimate infertility treatment.

Indeed, studies show that women who have acupuncture before IVF treatment are twice as likely to conceive.


Acupressure is another form of traditional Chinese Medicine based on the same principles as acupuncture.

The only difference is with acupressure you use the hands rather than needles to stimulate the acupoints. I’m sure that appeals to many of you a bit squeamish at just the mere mention of the word ‘needle!’

You don’t even need a practitioner once you have learnt the key points. They can be stimulated by yourself or by a partner.

Again … don’t dismiss this as another wacky cure. One study researching how to reduce stress used acupressure on a number of volunteers who were failing to ovulate. The results were startling. 80% of the participants had their ovulation function restored in less than 20 weeks of continued acupressure therapy.

Don’t Worry … Be Happy!

Ever heard the old proverb ‘Laughter is the best medicine …?’

Well … don’t dismiss it as a possible fertility cure! Medics at the Asaf Harofeh Medical Center made the hilarious discovery (Sorry! Couldn’t help myself…) that ‘Clown Therapy’ can improve the success rate of women undergoing IVF treatment.

Clown Therapy is based on an American therapy that believes laughter will lead to an increased rate of healing.

Of course the Robin Williams’ film‘Patch Adams’ brought this therapy to the attention of movie theatre audiences worldwide.

Now I’m not here to offer a critique of that film, only to tell you about the results of the study by the Asaf Harofeh Medical Center. The results showed the women who were exposed to Clown Therapy experienced almost double the success rate of women who were not exposed to the ‘funny therapy’.

A Joke … or Deadly Serious?

Think about it. If you are happy and feel well within yourself, everything else in your life also runs smoothly.

It is a scientifically proven fact that women who have a history of depression and anxiety are more likely to be infertile than those who do not. And laughter is one of the best ways to reduce stress and promote well-being.

Laughter can reduce stress hormones which have a major influence on your infertility and decline in health. It can also be a stimulant that cures various diseases, so promoting improved overall health.

So … if you want to get pregnant … laugh more!