Fertility Foods For Women: Water For Fertility

Without water, there would be no life on earth. That is indisputable.

And water for fertility is an absolute essential when considering fertility foods for women.

At different stages of your life your body is mostly made up of water.

New born babies have 78%. By the age of one that drops to about 65%. Adult men have around 60% water and women, who in general have a higher fat content, about 55%. These percentages can vary depending on age, weight and health issues.

So let’s consider the importance of water for your fertility.

Keep Your Tank Full!

Would you run your car without keeping it topped up with gas? Of course not. So why run your body without keeping it topped up with water?

Try the following regime and you may be astonished by the results.

Wake Up to Water

Many Japanese start the day drinking water immediately after waking up.

Why? Because drinking water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning has beneficial effects for so many ailments, including many that relate directly to your fertility issues. These include:

  • menstrual problems
  • problems with the uterus
  • urinary and renal problems
  • excess fat
  • diabetes
  • constipation
  • headaches
  • body pains
  • heart problems

And that’s just some of those related to fertility issues.

The Japanese Water Treatment

This is so easy to follow and incorporate into your daily regime. And the benefits are immeasurable. Indeed, ‘watering’ your body this way could help germinate the seed which can lead to that much cherished child you so desire.

Start this TODAY!

Step 1. First thing in the morning before brushing your teeth, drink 2 glasses of water.

Step 2. Brush your teeth, but don’t eat or drink anything for 15 minutes.

Step 3. After 15 minutes, you can eat and drink as normal.

Step 4. After ANY snack, lunch or dinner, DO NOT eat or drink anything for another 2 hours.

Step 5. Elderly or sick people who cannot drink 2 glasses of water should start by drinking as much as they can before gradually increasing to two full glasses.

And that’s it. Now don’t tell me you cannot make that sacrifice to improve your health and well-being.

The Results

If you follow this regime, here are examples of what can result:

A lowering of high blood pressure within 30 days

A marked improvement in diabetes within 30 days

Eliminate constipation in 10 days

It can even give comfort to cancer sufferers and people with tuberculosis.

100% Free, Safe Treatment

There are no secondary effects … other than having to run to the bathroom a bit more frequently!

And even if you cure the particular ailment that troubles you, DON’T STOP!

Keep up the habit because it can continue to give you benefits and energize you.

Hot … or Cold?

Ever been served tea with your Chinese or Japanese meal, rather than cold water? I’m guessing you have. And with good reason.

Chinese and Japanese medicine believes drinking a glass of cold water or a cold drink after a meal solidifies the greasy food you’ve just eaten. This delays the digestion of your, causing you to accumulate fat in your organism which can also damage your intestine.

It is better to take lukewarm water – as in the tea you are automatically served with many Asian meals – or if you have difficulty drinking such beverages, at least natural water at room temperature. But definitely NOT chilled water.

And whenever you feel thirsty during the day, take a glass of water rather than a soda, hot drink or other beverage that may be laced with sugar or caffeine.

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