Infertility Support Groups – You Are Not Alone

Admit it … how many times has your failure to get pregnant left you frustrated … angry … sad … tearful … powerless even?

How close have you been to such utter despair that you simply felt like giving up on achieving your dream of ever conceiving?

It’s a natural reaction experienced by hundreds of thousands of women the world over.

In this article let’s consider the importance of having a good support network around you to get through this difficult ordeal.

The Wisdom of an Old Proverb

“A problem shared is a problem halved”.

A simple but very true old proverb.

If you are struggling to get pregnant it is only natural it affects you deeply and emotionally. If you internalise everything and bottle up your feelings inside it can cause you greater stress which in turn further impacts on your efforts to conceive.

That’s why it’s SO IMPORTANT to share and confide your feelings with others … to have a ‘safety valve’ which releases the pressure inside you before you explode completely.

And fortunately there are many Infertility Support Groups to help you get through the ordeal.

“Why me?” you may well cry.

Well … whilst infertility is a very personal issue which impacts so dramatically on your life, you are not unique. Lots of woman go through this. And because of this very fact there is a lot of information and a lot of infertility support groups out there you can easily access to make your life bearable and help you achieve your much-desired pregnancy.

Of course you may first turn to close friends and family for help. But of greater help may be to seek out other women who have experienced your pain and frustration and have overcome it.

Indeed … scientific evidence shows infertility support groups can help you become pregnant.

How Stress Keeps You From Getting Pregnant

Many medical studies have discovered infertile couples have higher levels of stress, depression and anxiety than many other people.

No great surprise there of course. A failure to get pregnant can deeply affect even the happiest and most loving of couples. In extreme cases it can lead to a break up of the relationship.

Other articles in the Increase Fertility Tips Articles Archives (see Infertility and Lifestyle) demonstrate there is growing evidence that higher levels of stress can cause infertility. Of course a couple trying – and failing – to conceive face a double jeopardy. Their failure to conceive heaps further stress on them which in turn further jeopardizes their chances of getting pregnant. It’s a very vicious circle …

Women who are stressed produce more of the stress hormone cortisol which inhibits the chances of getting pregnant. For men emotional stress can result in poor sperm quality. Taken together it’s easy to see how stress may be a major contributing factor to many couples’ infertility problems.

Why Infertility Support Groups Lower Stress

Pretty despairing stuff, huh? Well … there is always hope.

Several studies have shown increased fertility in couples who go through stress-relieving programs. This includes using infertility support groups.

How’s this for some encouragement? A study by Alice Domar at Harvard University found women who went through an infertility support group or a relaxation program were around 30% more likely to become pregnant with viable pregnancies than women who did not.

Now THAT is impressive. Reducing the anxiety and stress you are feeling because of your infertility can be the ‘turnkey solution’ you need to start the process of healing your body to put it at its most optimum level to conceive.

Using support groups and other forms of therapy in conjunction with other fertility treatments could be critical in help you finally achieve your longed for pregnancy.

Choosing the Right Infertility Support Group For YOU

Do your research. There is a wide variety of infertility support groups out there. If you join one you will be sharing the most intimate details about yourself with (initially) complete strangers. It is absolutely essential you feel comfortable with the people you will be confiding in.

Some are simply groups of people getting together to talk about their problems, learning from each other’s experiences. Others may use trained therapists who help you learn amongst other things stress relief and visualization techniques. Yet others could be based on religious beliefs.

Depending on your choice of support group you can reduce your stress levels you could:

  • gain greater insight into your infertility treatment options and costs in your area
  • have a healthier outlook on life
  • learn new coping strategies
  • gain new and supportive friends

Indeed, the latter may be all you need. A study in the Journal of Mental Health Counseling suggests social resources are more effective at reducing stress in infertile women than clinical counseling.

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