Smoking and Infertility: The Risks

The link between smoking and infertility cannot be denied. Whilst most are aware of the negative effects of smoking while pregnant, many couples are not aware how smoking can lead to infertility.

So it’s time to be totally honest. Just how serious are you in wanting to get pregnant and have a child?

Because your lifestyle and infertility are linked …  and unless you are willing to make sacrifices, it’s not going to happen for you!

One of those sacrifices is to take a long hard look at your diet. See the articles in the Fertility and Diet Archive to learn more about how different foods, drinks, herbs and supplements can improve – or damage – your chances of conceiving.

But in this article let’s consider other healthy lifestyle choices you can make that will improve your chances of getting pregnant.

The Risks of Smoking Tobacco …

There’s no denying it – smoking and infertility are natural bedfellows. Smoking and trying to conceive for both men and women don’t mix! Smoking tobacco has a detrimental effect on the fertility of both women and men.

For women, it can result in reduced ovarian reserve and chromosomal abnormalities. Smoking can even bring on an early menopause – a real issue if you are an older woman trying to beat the ticking of your biological clock. For all female smokers there is an increased risk of suffering a miscarriage or stillbirth.

For men, smoking can decrease sperm count, making the sperm more sluggish. It can also increase the number of abnormal sperm.

… And Taking Recreational Drugs

Women who smoke marijuana regularly secrete small amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in their vaginal fluid and also have trace amounts present in their reproductive organs. Sperm that come into contact with this THC absorb the drug and become over stimulated. This causes sperm to slow down when they approach the egg, and, as a result, they are unable to break through the egg’s outer casing.

Smoking marijuana also has serious consequences for male infertility. Their sperm count is lowered, there is a decrease in the volume of seminal fluid and poor sperm motility results.

If one or both partners partake of marijuana, it can seriously lower your chances of conceiving.

Long-term use of other recreational drugs, including cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy, can all have dramatic, negative effects on female and male fertility.

For women, they may suffer from ovulatory dysfunction, menstrual irregularities and reduced ovarian reserve. For men, it could result in a reduced libido, poor sperm count and abnormally-shaped sperm – all of which reduce a couple’s chances of getting pregnant.

And if by some miracle you conceived whilst on drugs it could have serious short and long term consequences for the health of your new born child.

The Value of the Holistic Approach

These two tips only scratch the surface of the healthy changes you could make to ensure you improve your fertility. There is no single ‘Eureka!’ moment, no single cure to your infertility.

For many couples desperately striving – and failing – to conceive, it is often a question of taking a more ‘holistic’ approach to the problem. Too often Western fertility experts try to diagnose the cause of your infertility with a linear approach. They start with possible cause ‘A’, experiment with possible cures – which fail – before continuing on down the list.

All this costs time and money, tears and frustration … and all the time your biological clock is ticking and STILL you are not pregnant.

I repeat … there is no ‘silver bullet’ cure to your infertility problem.

It’s not ‘only’ a question of changing your diet …

It’s not a ‘simple matter’ of healthy exercise …

It’s not ‘just’ having sex at your most fertile time …

Etc … etc … etc …

Do you want to feel your baby growing in your womb and then hold him or her in your arms …?

Then you need a complete program to repair and fine tune your fertility to optimal levels to ensure you have the very best chance of conceiving.

I am here to help you achieve that.

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