Reasons for Infertility: Home Fertility Killers

One of the deadliest reasons for infertility might be lurking right behind you as you sit reading this …

How many products do you use in your home every day that are killing your chances of getting pregnant before you’ve even begun?

Many household products you use everyday contain chemicals and other substances that cause fertility problems.  A very important factor in getting pregnant is to know which products can harm your health and fertility and how to avoid using them.

Because if you don’t, no amount of fertility treatment will help you conceive.

So let’s try and identify the reasons for infertility lurking in your home.

Don’t Let These Killers Into Your Home

Totally innocently you may be buying and bringing into your home then using the very products that are killing your chances of getting pregnant.

Regular, store-brought products like furniture polish, all-purpose cleaners, bug sprays, bathroom cleaners and room deodorizers contain chemicals which accumulatively can diminish your ability to conceive by as much as 33%. Switch to organic, non-toxic alternatives to reduce the toxins in your home.

Decorated the house recently, or thinking of sprucing it up with a lick of paint? Paint thinners, paint fumes, paint strippers, household glues and oil paints can all be toxic and negatively affect fertility. They can also increase your risk for miscarriage when pregnant.

An easy-to-apply ‘sniff test’ can quickly help you determine whether to use a particular product in your home. If any household cleansers, home decorating or repair products have a strong and offensive smell, avoid them. The same is true for odors coming from new carpets or furniture.

Minimize Your Use Of Cosmetics

The typical woman uses 12 different kinds of personal care products every day, some of them essential. But every single one of them contains a cocktail of chemicals and toxins that cause health problems like infertility. Accumulatively, they can be causing even more damage.

Are you really aware of what goes into every lotion, shampoo, body wash, or lipstick formula you use? How much attention do you pay to the ingredients label of anything you buy?

A particular group of chemicals you should look out for is ‘parabens’. It’s a type of preservative found in everything from shampoo to moisturizers. You can spot them in the ingredients label. They are chemical compounds with the prefix propyl, methyl, butyl, and ethyl.

Parabens belong to a group of chemicals called xenoestrogens, or false estrogens.  Even though they are man-made estrogens they behave like real estrogens when they enter your body.

Now as you might recall from earlier lessons estrogens can upset the hormonal balance needed for conception.  High amounts of estrogens, whether real estrogens or xenoestrogens, can also provoke other conditions that disrupt fertility, such as ovarian cysts and endometriosis.

Men are also vulnerable to the ingredients found in personal care products. They should be wary of shampoos and deodorants containing the chemical phthalates. Phthalates can cause testicular tumors, low sperm count and hormonal imbalance.

Be Well-informed and Self-aware

Of course it’s almost impossible to avoid cosmetics completely, but reducing the number of personal care products you use can certainly help boost your fertility.

If you must use certain cosmetics look for those with organic or natural ingredients.  But even with these don’t be taken in by the eye-catching ‘all-natural’ label. Check the ingredients list carefully before you buy or use anything.  Many so-called natural cosmetics contain chemicals like nanoparticles, phenoxyethanol and triclosan which are all known to disrupt hormone production.

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