Toxic Work Environment Stops You Getting Pregnant

Is your job in a toxic work environment that almost guarantees you will never get pregnant?

Because if you are, no amount of fertility treatment will help you conceive.

Now other articles on this site discuss the things you can do for yourself, but what about controlling …

The World Around You

Ever thought to ask just how safe is your home, your work place, the locations where you socialize and frequent the most?

What about your job itself and the daily situations it places you in?

I don’t want to spook you completely, but … some of the following data is shocking and needs to be given serious consideration as you and your partner look to conceive and deliver a child to completion.

High Risk Professions

Various studies have shown the following:

  • Both women and men employed in the agricultural or pesticide industry are potentially ten times more likely to experience infertility problems.
  • Expectant mothers who live near crops where certain pesticides are sprayed, face a 40-120% increase in the risk of miscarriage due to birth defects!

  • Dental workers are also at risk, with one study showing there were more spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, and congenital defects occurred in dentists and dental assistants compared with a control group – 24% compared to 11%.
  • Women who work as microelectronics assembly workers are exposed to a number of chemical solvents used in cleaning the electronic components. It can result in experiencing a spontaneous abortion four times the average. One of the solvents used in such production is Acetone, which is also used in removing nail polish. So take double care with Acetone.

  • Do you work in the pharmaceutical industry, or in health care? Because women who unpack or handle antibiotics can experience a delayed pregnancy of at least 12 months.
  • Are you are traffic cop, work at a gas station or some other locale which gets heavy daily exposure to car exhaust fumes? If so, a common car exhaust compound benzo(a)pyrene (BaP) can cause a 33% reduction in ovarian weight and a marked reduction in ovarian follicles.

  • Women working in the rubber, plastics or synthetics industry have an 80% greater chance of stillbirth.
  • Do you have an association with dry cleaning services, or material production. If so, there is an increased risk of infertility in females who are exposed to dry cleaning chemicals and textile dyes.

  • Firemen appear to produce an unusually high number of abnormal sperm and be less fertile than other males. This is possibly due to their exposure to the toxic smoke that results when carpets, furniture and paints are burned, as many such items are made from synthetic or plastic based compounds.

Eliminate Anti-Fertility Toxins From Your Environment

This short list should bring sharply into focus just how far reaching the consequences are of your chosen profession or lifestyle choices. Living or working in a toxic work environment can kill all hopes of ever getting pregnant. You cannot discount these factors if you and your partner are struggling to conceive.

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