Try Yoga For Fertility … And When Exercising is BAD For Fertility

OK … so you’re wise enough to know that a fit and healthy body increases your chances of getting pregnant … but Yoga for Fertility? I’m joking, right?

Let’s take a closer look at healthy – and unhealthy – exercise to improve fertility.

So all and any form of exercise is good for you, right? WRONG!

In fact …

Quit the Gym – NOW!

OK – OK … I admit. The headline is meant to grab your attention.

Of course exercise is good for you. BUT! If you truly want to get pregnant but indulge in really strenuous workouts … seriously, stop NOW!

By really strenuous workouts I mean doing weights, or pushing yourself to exhaustion on the treadmill … that kind of thing.

Such extreme exercise can put your fertility at risk and do more harm than good. You need to strike the right balance. Because if you don’t exercise at all, you also limit your chances of getting pregnant.

How Damaging is Strenuous Exercise?

Don’t take just my word for it. A very thorough Norwegian study conducted on nearly 25,000 Norwegian women aged around 27 revealed the following:

  • The more frequent and strenuous a woman’s physical activity, such as intense running, intense weight lifting and high impact aerobics, the greater her chances of being infertile
  • Women who work out to exhaustion are 2.3 times more like to be infertile  than women who don’t exercise so strenuously
  • By contrast, active women increase their chances of becoming pregnant by 3.2 times compared to their inactive counterparts

So … it would appear exercising is good and bad for you. What’s the solution?

Again, turn your gaze to the East … and the ancient practice of Yoga.

Yoga for Fertility

Instead of doing heavy workouts, gentler forms of exercise such as yoga can dramatically increase your fertility levels.

Yoga integrates well with the Holistic Approach to Fertility,  improving your chances of conceiving. The very origins of the word ‘Yoga’ reflects this. It comes from the Sanskrit word yuj which means ‘to unite or integrate’.

And that is very much your objective when trying to get pregnant. When your mind, body, and spirit are in harmony with one another you are a more integrated person, you enjoy better health, which can improve fertility.

To support this claim, a Harvard University study found that women who attended a mind-body fertility retreat, which included yoga, conceived twice as frequently over the next year, compared to a control group of women who did not.

Why Yoga For Fertility?

Yoga puts great emphasis on correct breathing techniques. This encourages your mind to become quiet and relaxed, thereby relieving stress and promoting physical healing.

Different yoga postures (known as asanas) and exercises are designed to put gentle pressure on the different organs of your body. This helps realign and balance your body’s systems.

Together, the correct breathing techniques, postures and exercises quieten your mind to trigger natural healing chemical triggers.

The Value of the Holistic Approach

This lesson highlights again the value of the Holistic Approach to Fertility. Don’t go chasing a mercurial ‘silver bullet cure’ for your infertility. There is no single cure to infertility.

Don’t waste time, money and tears chasing this elusive cure … because your biological clock is ticking and STILL you are not pregnant.

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