Signs of Male Infertility

As a woman you may ask why is there an article about Signs of Male Infertility included on a site about Female Infertility …?

Well … quite simply, it takes two to tango in the baby-making game. And it makes good sense to identify as early as possible if the infertility problem is shared or lies with just the man or the woman.

So let’s discover …

WHO is Infertile?

Ladies … don’t assume it’s YOU to blame!

As many as 20% of co-habiting couples – one in five! – are infertile. In 50% of those cases, it is the male who is infertile. Statistically, 10% of men in the reproducing age group are infertile – that’s one in every ten men.

Unfortunately, culturally, an inability to get pregnant is often seen as ‘the woman’s failure’. This potentially creates many problems between couples if the male partner cannot acknowledge that any problem may in fact lie with him.

Male Denial

It can be a source of embarrassment and stigma to a ‘macho-virulent male’ that his infertility equates to being impotent. This is simply not true, but this confusion of terms can create unnecessary friction between partners, which can lead to increased stress, which leads to … yet further obstacles to getting pregnant.

Male Hormonal Cycle and Sperm Count

If a male is fully potent the female can become pregnant during her menstruation cycle. A little known fact is that men too have hormonal cycles. And while a woman’s cycle covers a 28-day period, the male cycle has no such regular pattern.

Indeed the male cycle is very complex. Research shows that whilst a man can produce sperms at any time the quality of his sperm can fall and may not be in sync with his hormone cycle.

This can result in a lower sperm count and low sperm motility (the ability for sperm to move properly towards an egg) which can in turn impact negatively on a man’s fertility, thus diminishing his ability to impregnate.

A Problem Shared

As a woman you need to look at yourself to analyze why you aren’t getting pregnant. But also check out your partner. A man’s level of fertility also goes down as he becomes more obese or grows older. Other general health problems can also bring down his virility.

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